Awake Mzansi! encourages active citizenry, participation and strives to work with individuals, organizations and funders who share the same beliefs and hopes for a prospering South Africa – people who want to see the country working and moving forward, not one in an escalating downward trajectory. South Africa is a beautiful country with diverse cultures and personalities. We are a country with so much potential and a lot to offer.

With this in mind, Awake Mzansi! collaborates work with and maintains long-term relationships with various experts, consultants and funders.

Our immensely valued partners and collaborators

Big Mama’s Famous Truth Shop

A market research company that conducts ethnographic and quantitative insight studies; workshops; presentations and solutions.

A recent small-scale project Awake Mzansi and Big Mama collaborated on was on understanding and investigating the shifting political attitudes and values in South Africa; what drives and fuels peoples political voting choices and what problems they are most concerned about and that are not being addressed.